Zero Waste Alternative : the box of exchange between neighbors

Today, we tell you about a brilliant concept which was born in our beautiful Switzerland and more exactly in Geneva already 3 years ago! Nothing new but since 2012 already, the boxes of exchange between neighbors grew almost everywhere in our districts, as you certainly spotted them. They are often nicely decorated by local artists and we can even adopt it to help with their maintenance!

This simple and innovative project was launched in Geneva at the end of 2012 by the association “Tako Propagande culturelle”, also organizing the project “Play me, I am yours” (self-service pianos in Geneva streets). Over the first year, the first 11 boxes had allowed the exchange of 108’000 objects, for approximately 32 tons!

A nice Zero Waste initiative which we encourage you to visit, try and adopt! We are ourselves customers of these boxes of exchange which allow to avoid throwing objects or books which we do not use any more but which would certainly please our neighbors! A fun way to declutter or to find attractive stuff on your way to the office or while walking the dog!

Visit Happy Citi Lab’s website to find a map of boxes in case you are not lucky enough to have one right down your building: http: // / fr / box

And to interact further with your neighbors, you may also thank them on social networks by using #HCLbox!

A nice video showing a typical day in the life of an exchange box…