Oriental bulk store in Geneva: Lyzamir

Implanted in Geneva for 26 years (!), the Lyzamir oriental grocery’s shop is a part of inescapable places for a lifestyle without waste in Geneva when we like the exotic and oriental cooking. We feel like traveling as soon as we enter the arch situated near Manor in the neighborhood of Saint-Gervais.

The shop is a little the paradise of the bulk world food! On the menu of this charming grocery’s shop we find a bit of everything: dried fruits, spices, flours of all kinds, diverse sorts of legumes, peas, beans, several varieties of lenses, diverse sorts of boulghour, diverse types of quinoa, rice, several sizes of couscous. We also find teas and herbal mixes in bulk.

The sellers are always delighted to fill the diverse packagings and the cloth bags brought by the customers and greet the zero waste lifestyle.


Jussa SA oriental food products
Rue des Corps-Saints 3
1201 Genève
Phone: 022 732 53 80