Store with bulk selection in Zürich: BachserMärt

The store BachserMärt Kalkbreite is located in the cooperativ building in between the restaurant BEBEK and cinema Houdini. During the day, a large choice of vegetables, fruits and spices organic or local are offered on the big table in the center of the store.

The bulk selection counts more than 50 products, that can be purchased without packaging. Some bags are sold on site to buy in bulk but your own recipients are welcome in this store. The bulk selection includes pasta, dry legumes, rice, salt, oils, vinegars, sugar, coffee, tea, oats for breakfats and even wine! All you need on a daily basis! At the cheese counter, you may also find specialties including fish, dairy products, bread and pastries. There is also a large choice of beers coming from small and medium local breweries.

During lunch break, from Monday to Friday, the store offers hot meals to take away.

At the end of the day, night classes are often offered around the table in the center of the store under the title “SobreMesa” covering the themes of production, food transformation processes and sustainable consumption.

BachserMärt ‘s philosophy is about local, seasonal and non-processed products. Fresh food is at the center of it all. BachserMärt store encourages autonomous food processing, and participates to initiatives encouraging sustainable and local agriculture.

The store also encourages sustainable production methodes (Demeter, permaculture), sustainable transportation of food directly from the farmer to the store by BachserMärt’s staff themselves, avoiding food waste, energy savings, reduction of packaging and waste.

Taking care of their network, admiring the farmers, encouraging manufactures, training apprentices, training friendly selling teams, transmitting love for simple food, dialoguing with clients, favoring organic and Demeter labels, making decisions as a team, creating alternatives towards circular economy in the food industry, not producing waste – here are the values of BachserMärt.