10 steps to zero waste in 2016!

Festivities went very well to welcome 2016! In Geneva, a nice party was organized under the theme of food waste reduction. A giant soup with products supposed to be thrown away has been served and many activities around water and how to save it were organized. There were already a few ideas on your resolutions for the coming year!

Resolutions during the month of January are easy but we often tend to let it go over the year. To make it to zero waste in 2016, ZeroWaste Switzerland is giving you a bunch of small changes, affordable and easy to apply:

Exit paper towels and napkins: welcome cloth napkins and rags ! You may also recycle your old t-shirts or help yourself on the following websites:

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Globus coton napkin

Globus linen napkin

Stop buying body creams in tubes and embrace coconut oil in glass jars! There are so many things you can replace with this wonderful product!


In Bio

2016 will mark the end of coffee capsules: start fresh with an italian coffee maker and buy coffee in bulk!



Thé Cadeaux

Making your own laundry washing product with castille soap represents nice packaging economies and money savings!

Aromacos – Marius Fabre

Remember to bring your reusable cup/bottle with you when you go out and about, so that you may refuse disposable plastic bottles or plastic cups !


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In the bathroom, we can replace at least 20 deodorants by an alum stone and disposable makeup remover cottons become washable pads!

Savon Aventure


Au fil de la nature

Gentlemen, trade your disposable plastic razors with a beautiful metal reusable one, a wooden shaving brush and a natural soap!



Use a reusable cloth bag when you go shopping and forget about disposable plastic bags! You may use cloth nets to buy fruits and vegetables.

Coop at home

You may also sew a net yourself!

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Ladies, why not trading your disposable hygenic solutions with a menstrual cup? Savings in packaging and money are huge!

Monde Bio



Your shower gel and shampoo are easily traded with a unique natural soap: Alep or Castille for example.

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Your turn to apply those advices for 2016 and start a zero waste new year!