Challenge 1 month / 1 ton: let’s reduce our waste!

Thinking about adopting a zero waste lifestyle or to begin to make real efforts to reduce waste in your household?

Don’t miss the challenge “1 month/1ton” organised by our partner « Les Ecoccinelles » !

The challenge begins on Friday 15th January and is targetting a reduction of 1 ton of waste alltogether.

Weigh your trash every week between 15th January and 12th February and share your results. The month after, between the 22nd February and 21st March, follow the tips and tricks on our website or via our partner’s website to help your trash decrease in size and weight by reducing your waste.

The results will be calculated by the end of March and adding up all our efforts, we might reach the target of 1 ton of waste avoided!

Register to the challenge here (in French).