Les Frondaisons de Bois-Genoud (Crissier Près/Lausanne)

An organic shop with 104 products available in bulk

The owner, Tania Schüsselé, offers in her shop organic and biodynamic products (labeled Demeter & Bourgeon), natural cosmetics and 104 products in bulk:
  • Rice, sugar, salt, cereals, lentils, pasta, quinoa, buckwheat, hazelnuts, almonds, dried fruits, chickpeas, soy , chocolate, flour and sundries ground

We can add to this extensive selection, many products coming from the farm « la ferme de Bois Genoud »: vegetables, and seasonal fruits, endives, beef and mutton meat, cheese (Cow cheese, goat and sheep cheese) bread, local products: eggs and wine that you may also taste in the restaurant Bois Genoud.

Except food products, we find in this shop local wool (from Neuchâtel), books, chalk & ethical notebooks, cosmetics and cleaning products. Natural, alcohol free and local cosmetics are preferred here, and if you are looking for a specific product, Tania will be happy to help you find it

Tania opened this store as she wanted to offer adapted quantities to everyone’s needs, avoid visual pollution, and offer a personal and nice service to her customers.

She also cares about environment as she avoids all products containing palm oil and chooses Swiss products (Vaud, Romandie, …) as much as possible.

The most recurrent challenges for her store are

  • Some providers do not indicate the source of goods
  • The difficulty of managing the expiry dates, while selling in bulk
  • Ensure the hygiene of this distribution channel in summer

The shop is located on an area of about 28 hectares (including a 12 hectares forest, 12 hectares of farming lands, 4 hectares of parks and houses) belonging to the Foundation Domaine de Bois Genoud SA since 1989. It is located next to the farm, Pavillon Santé, the restaurant Castel de Bois-Genoud and Rudolf Steiner School of Lausanne.

Magasin Bio de Bois-Genoud
Route de Bois Genoud 36
1023 Crissier

T: 021 646 57 26
Facebook : Les Frondaisons de Bois Genoud