After reading the books of Béa Johnson and the « famille presque zéro déchet », the life coach and social worker, has become a more aware and committed person. Married with two kids, he buys organic and local goods in bulk. He cares for our planet and is involved in the sustainable development of his region. The whole family participates, being fervent users of the library and the toy library. He was fed up with the plastic scourge so since January 1st 2016, the family decided to become an almost zero waste family. They went from a 35 litres trash bag per week to a 17 litres bag per month.

Through his role as an ambassador, Nelson wants to show that a family with young kids (6 and 4 years old) can lead a zero waste lifestyle, eat healthier food, buy organic and local goods in order also to keep the jobs in the region. It is essential for him to buy less in order to distinguish what is essential from what is not.