Bio & Co : The first bulk store in the Jura Canton

For almost 25 years now, recycling, sorting, sustainable modes of transportation (when possible) and organic food have been part of Corinne Winkelmann’s everyday life. Human health and the health of the planet have always been very important to her when choosing her day-to-day actions. For her it goes without saying that products sold in bulk go hand in hand with Organic quality.
So it was a logical step for her to open the store Bio & Co in 2009. Almost from the start she offered people the possibility to refill household cleaning products and shower gels. After expanding her store in 2014 she started to offer ingredients so that people could make their own cleaning products, along with a range of fresh foods sold without packaging (fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts, dates).
Due to the growing demand and enthusiasm for buying in bulk in Delemont, she is happy to announce the expansion of the bulk section since January, where she is now offering:

  • Grains and Cereals (Rice, Pasta, Quinoa, Flour…),
  • Vegetables (Lentils, Chickpeas),
  • Seeds (Sesame, Linseed, Sunflower- and Pumpkinseeds),
  • Salad Oils (Almond, Hazlenut, Walnut, Peanut, Pistachio, Cashewnut),
  • Dried fruit (Apricots, Figs, Dates, Prunes, Goji berries…),
  • Salt, Sugar, Vegetable oils, Olives,
  • Bulk soap by the loaf,
  • Cleaning products and Shower Gels,
  • Vegetables, Fruit and Eggs from the Jura Region,
  • Home made « Energy Balls » with spelt flour from the Jura,
  • Washable Hygieneproducts (Cup, Sanitary towels, Wipes, Toothbrush made of Bamboo),
  • And also a choice of packaging, glass containers, cloth bags made of organic cotton…
  • Drinks bottles that can be returned for a deposit
  • Organic, local meat

She prioritizes regional organic products whenever she can, that can be delivered or picked up together with other products (no unnecessary journeys). The rest of the products (whenever possible from Switzerland) are delivered by the haulage contractor at the same time as other goods. She also tries to get reusable containers from her suppliers, but finds that this is not yet a widespread practice.

She hopes that most producers and suppliers will soon start delivering their produce in bulk with optimised containers and in 2017 hopes to be able to offer more local organic products in bulk. It’s just a beginning and she continues to promote Zero Waste by selling books from Bea Johnson and the ZeroWaste Family .

Rue des Pinsons 17; 2800 Delémont