“der bioladen” in Altstetten – Local, organic production

For Pierre Moser, owner of „der bioladen“ in Altstetten, the focus lies on local and organic production. He claims that only if you know who is the producer you know for sure what you eat. Additionally the economy of the region is supported.

Pierre Moser became involved in animal welfare when he was 18 years old. No matter if plant or animal- only what is treated with respect should find its way onto your plate. At first he worked at 40 m2 in the same shop, at this time a third world store but steady and slowly the concept of organic and sustainability evolved and resulted into 150 m2.

He himself stands behind the counter to attend to his clients. The most challenging thing was the search for a team of vendors who equally to him prioritize sustainability and customer intimacy. It is about the know-how, about customer care, about company and appreciation for one another, about taking your time for every customer like every customer takes his time to shop at his store “der bioladen”. The big difference between him and the large scale food manufacturer is exactly that- professional competence and consulting.

In his store Pierre Moser also offers the possibility to buy food without packaging, but so far a full range of goods without packaging is not planned. “The packaging of rice for instance generates much less waste than the wrapped up cheese and meat assortment! We want to focus on locally and sustainably produced food, we want to focus onto strengthening local farmers and their survival.”

Antipasti, ravioli, vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat and cider can be purchased without packaging. As well as the possibility to cut the exact amount of bread you need from a 2 kg loaf. His clients appreciate this kind of flexibility.

Furthermore Pierre Moser is appreciated for his dedication. You can feel that it is not simply about his own shop- it is a thing of the heart. Let the regions have back their autonomy because globalization kills one by one every little farmer. They have to produce either large amounts or betray their organic roots of farming to survive and make a living- but the prices will be cut either way. Pierre Moser wants to evaluate a local currency, like the capital city Bern already has. Shorter ways of transport, a constant currency and the personal trust into the providers of our society are the three basic columns that make Pierre Moser and his “bioladen” successful in the short and long range. Because his customers know that the owner of the store standing behind his counter gives his all for best service and flawless quality on their plates.