Zero Waste Basel

“Zero Waste Basel” is a group with a mission to spread awareness on reducing, reusing, and recycling anything or everything in our daily life. Our consumer behavior has a significant impact on the environment. “Action will define and delineate you”, or in other words, the actions and choices that people make have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

Why reduce, reuse, recycle?

Because we do not have natural resource in abundance, and some day they will disappear if we do not consume them sustainably. Hence, Zero Waste Basel aims to raise awareness on problems associated to waste, and motivates and guides people to the zero waste approach.

Until 3 years ago, we never paid attention to the amount of trash we generated every day, be it in form of paper tissues, plastic cutlery or food waste. But what happened in last 3 years? After constantly hearing about sustainability and reading about plastic waste, which cannot be recycled and ends up in the water or animal stomachs, we made up our mind to reduce the everyday waste. It’s not possible to achieve zero waste in 1 or 30 days, but eventually it will fall in place. Just remember: “Rome was not built in a day”.

Isn`t Recycling enough?

In Switzerland you can recycle almost all types of trash, for example paper, food, PET, glass, battery, clothes, shoes, etc., but our aim should be to reduce the waste. In fact, we strongly believe everyone can reduce their waste by changing the consumption behavior and buying pattern.

Here are 5 points to begin with

  • Plan your week in advance and buy groceries in right amount. Cook them before they expire or, if you cannot use them and they are not yet opened and expired, you can drop it in a food box which can be found on
  • In the worst case, if the food is already expired, throw it in the compost. You can buy biodegradable bags, get a chip card from the Kanton office, and locate the closest compost near you. We started doing this since January 2016, and we’re surprised that not only small amount of spoilt food, but also peels of garlic, onions, egg, etc. goes to compost. This has drastically reduced the amount of Bebbi Sagg’s we use now (only 1 or 2 per month).
  • Avoid buying food packed in plastic. In fact, in Migros, Coop, and other places you can always weigh loose vegetable and fruits without plastic bags. Always carry your cloth or paper shopping bag with you. Look at some dangerous facts about plastic here:
  • There are many take-away restaurants & cafés in and around Basel where you can take your own container for food or coffee, which will not only help in reducing plastic waste, but also help you get some small discount such as Manor, Starbucks, Les Gareçons or Vapiano, just to name a few in Basel.
  • Last but not least, wrap gifts in cloth or reuse old paper. It will also give you a chance to be creative. You can find out more on

If you are interested, join our meetup group on or find us on Facebook.