Bokoloko – bulk store in Vevey

At Bokoloko, we offer organic, local and authentic goods in bulk. Sometimes, we can’t find a product locally, then we offer you a fair alternative.

Wheat, cereals, legumes, pasta, oil, vinegar, spices, tea and coffee, but also natural care and cleaning products; “BKLK”’s team met with farmers and producers to offer  you the highest quality.

The store is a lively and warm place where you can also join a workshop, enjoy food or drink tastings and meet other people to exchange knowledge about how to simplify your life. It is a good place for your body and your mind!

New projects ?

Do you want to take a break and enjoy a quiet moment? Bokoloko will soon launch its mini tea room. Hot and cold beverages, snack food (vegan, raw or homemade with passion). You will also find a small library of books and magazines, new and second hand.

Rue d’Italie 25 – 1800 Vevey