Beer Station – A new concept of beers to go

Beer station now offers a new concept of beers to go, for those who like to drink beer but dislike the all the bottles they have to throw away afterwards. It offers draft beer that you can drink elsewhere than at a bar – on the go, at home or for a picnic for example. The container, called a “growler”, can be reused as many times as you wish.

On the website, you can find the location of all the Beer Stations in Switzerland. In partnership with Beer4you, an online beer specialist, Beer Station offers two types of containers: a 2 liters glass bottle to bring draft beer home and a 1 liter inox growler that keeps the beer cold for up to 6 hours. The containers can be bought on the Beer4you website or in every Beer Station.

The containers are easy to clean: when it is empty, rinse it with warm water, let it dry upside down and store it open in a clean space until you need it again. You can keep the beer in the fridge in the closed container for about 4 weeks.

Thanks to beer lovers that also want to protect the environment, the number of sales points is constantly growing.

More information:

To order a glass bottle or a growler:
Or in every Beer Station. To find the nearest station, see our interactive map.