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Fürst Unverpackt – Bulk store in Bülach (ZH)

Organic quality & sustainable products in the «coffeeshop» in Bülach (ZH)

The first package-free shop in the region of Zurich Unterland is open since the 1st of July 2017. The assortment in Fürst Unverpackt  is diverse and constantly being expanded in response to feedback from the customers. The focus is on natural (bio) foods, sustainable cleaning, hygiene products as well as reusable containers for daily use. To support the Zerowaste movement, they also provide information on topics such as packaging waste, nutrition and the environment.

They are two brothers from Bülach ZH. Until a few years ago, in terms of consumption, they were completely “mainstream”. It has been in recent times that they’ve changed their way of life in response to the Zerowaste movement. Previously, where possible, they tried to become Zerowaste via conventional shopping methods. They both experienced the same difficulties in implementing this lifestyle. It was from here, they decided they could achieve more together by creating their project, the unpacked shop, to address the difficulties they and many others were facing. As a matter of speaking, this was a journey from inconspicuous consumption of  “as much as you can” to becoming much more mindful consumers. The combination of Andreas, a trained chef, and Daniel, a trained businessman, means that the mix is optimal for the successful implementation of the unpackaged shop and the future challenges that lie ahead.

In true Zerowaste style, Daniel visited the first unpacked shop in Karlsruhe DE in the spring of 2016 whilst on a bike tour. Inspired, he shortly after, in the summer of 2016, took part in a seminar in Kiel with Marie Délapierre to get to know the «unpacked» concept better. Until the opening of their own store, many shops were researched and inspected in order to implement the most successful ideas into their own project. Their customer offering contains only products of the highest quality, that can be purchased in the desired quantity (in grams) by the customer. It’s important to them to know the producers and to stand behind the products they bring to the customers.

There is also a small café/bistro in the store. Innovative sandwiches (including Kebab à la Seitan or Antipasti) and fresh salad dishes are available from noon. Orange and apple juice, sodas and sweet pastries, as well as wine or beer, can be ordered and picked up at the counter. They are particularly proud of their coffee machine – you would find it difficult to find a better espresso in the city. The products in the café are all organic quality and partly even Demeter. A selection of vegan dishes can also be found on the menu. They wanted a specific offering for those people who choose not to eat animal products, they can either enjoy the food here or shop from the selection of vegan products to enjoy at home.


Fürst unverpackt
Schaffhauserstrasse 53
8180 Bülach