December 3: christmas cookies

Christmas is in the air… time to get cracking with your christmas cookies right? But buying them is neither personal nor good for the environment. Our idea: Invite your friends over or stay with your family in and have a warm and wonderful evening of baking while the cold and snow can change the world outside to a winterwonderland.

Today we share some recipes of the most popular christmas cookies. Most of the ingredients are available without packaging in the nearest bulk stores or packaged in paper or glas in the local store around the corner.

You can make your own vanilla sugar and powdered sugar easily and cheaply in a few minutes.

Vanilla sugar

To make vanilla sugar you’ll need: vanilla beans and sugar :-). Scrap the marrow from the bean and mix it well with the sugar. Done. Supereasy.

Powdered sugar

You’ll need sugar, (corn) starch and a blender for powdered sugar.