Épicerie Vrac Yverdon

The unpacked shop “Epicerie Vrac” in Yverdon-les-Bains is no ordinary shop. In the center of the pedestrian zone of the city, located on Rue du Lac, you’ll find Epicerie Vrac with a large variety of not only dry goods (pasta, cereals, nuts, tea, coffee, spices, legumes, etc.), but also breads, oil and vinegar as well as hygiene and cleaning supplies. What makes this shop special is that everything here is sold by weight, stored in containers brought in by customers or available to buy right there in the shop.

The majority of products are bio, untreated and free of chemical substances (not certified). The focus is on regional products where possible, but the main objective is to offer customers goods based on the zero-waste principle.

Finding passionate and trustworthy producers has been a challenge for the owners Anne Zimmer and Vincent Guanzini, who’ve made a name for themselves with locals from the café “L’Intemporel” above the shop. Seeing the abundant range the store offers its clear that all their hard work in finding the right suppliers has been worth it.

What stands out above all else in the regions first zero-waste store is its entertaining displays. Here you can admire a spaghetti lift or a wooden pasta machine made by Simon, a friend of the two owners. Its an ingenious and creative system that will delight small and big pasta lovers!

In addition, the wooden and glass storage containers are designed and manufactured by Vincent himself.  Naturally, they are made without plastic and as much as possible in line with the principle of zero waste, as is already the case in the café «L’Intemporel». For anyone interested in opening an unpacked store, Vincent will provide prospective buyers with the free-of-charge manufacturing process.

Épicerie Vrac
Place Pestalozzi 3
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains