Southeastern Switzerland goes Zero Waste

The Zero Waste wave has finally reached the southeastern part of Switzerland. Our ambassador, Natacha Espirito Santo, is actively communicating the Zero Waste lifestyle in that part of Switzerland and is following her dream of her own Zero Waste store. That store with the name “oba aba” is already known – a report.

In a talks series with Tara Welschinger and Rob Greenfield on December the 10th 2017, the subject “Zero Waste” found its way to the city of Chur. Roughly 60 interested people came to the bar “Werkstatt” on that Sunday evening and listened to the topic in the snowy old town. After an informative talk from Tara Welschinger about “Zero Waste Impact”, the project “oba aba” was announced for the first time by Natacha Espirito Santo. The final keynote speech was then given by Rob Greenfield. The crowd clearly was astonished, inspired and loved the positive vibe by Rob Greenfield.

First Zero Waste Café in Chur

On Saturday, the 24th of February 2018, the first Café had its happening – as a guest at the Café Emma; a small, charming place in the old town of Chur. This gathering also was noticed by the newspapers, and so Natacha Espirito Santo was interviewed about her project “oba aba” in the newspaper Südostschweiz (SO) on the 5th of February 2018. As the former building of the city library is out for competition, also that was mentioned in the article. It would be very amazing indeed, to cover an empty space in one of the most famous buildings in town with a Zero Waste store. Let’s hope that the Zero Waste project gets some attention during the competition!


Besides the dream of the Zero Waste store, also the activities as ambassador are getting more. Natacha Espirito Santo participated and organised Events, in which people can get inspired, gain more knowledge and simply the whole Zero Waste idea is communicated. The Café mentioned above was just a start.

Sustainability week by the HTW Chur

Finally, the Swiss Sustainability Week found its way to Chur as well. Together with students from the HTW Chur, the week took place from February 26th to March 2nd 2018. Planned were an opening ceremony, a clothing swap party and an inspiring lunch-cinema. But also Natacha Espirito Santo hold a speech together with Tara Welschinger, followed by a small workshop where toothpaste, detergent and other things could be done handmade. Roughly 20 interested people found their way to the Event at the Swiss Sustainability Week – also the local media Bündner Tagblatt (BT) and the Radio/TV group Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR).

Together make things happen

The cooperations with other projects and people is an essential part in the Zero Waste movement in the southeastern part of Switzerland. This also to show people that working together creates not only special moments, but is also more efficient. For example a talk was given at the Slow Food Grischa/Nordbünden group to inform about the general Zero Waste lifestyle, but in addition one of the city councilors was interested in the topic and organised a talk series with our ambassador.

The community of southeastern Switzerland, especially in the canton Graubünden, clearly demands for more possibilities to exchange with like-minded people and wishes for a Zero Waste store as soon as possible. They’re all wishing good luck for the store project and hope for it to be opened this year.

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