Swiss Advance – practical, light and room-saving tools for outdoors

Since the 19th of June 2017, Swiss Advance has been a commercial member of ZeroWaste Switzerland – and for many good reasons! Swiss Advance sustainably manufactures outdoor kitchen equipment. Their philosophy is to bring people closer to nature with sustainably-made, practical, kitchen tools.

Founder and CEO Peter Meyer grew up in Basel. With the river Rhein at his front door, his childhood was spent in the great outdoors. His love of nature led him to a career that combines sustainability and product engineering. Peter Meyer always knew that when manufacturing products for nature they have to be produced in a sustainable way. Not long after they launched, Swiss Advance realised that their products were not only in great demand for the camping and outdoor market, but were also being sought after from the general population for home and everyday use. Small, functional and practical; their bowls, bags, cutlery and jars can be found everywhere from inside a well-used hiking backpack, to home kitchens, offices and schools all over Switzerland.

Swiss Advances philosophy is all encompassing. Not only do they provide tools that enable people to enjoy a strong bond with nature, but they also ensure sustainability along the entire production chain.  The origin of their raw materials and personal contact with their manufacturers are just 2 examples of their ethical company philosophy.

Their renowned lunchbox “Phora” is worth a specific mention. Created out of one of the world’s most durable and fastest growing resources, bamboo, this bowl is not only an aesthetic eye-catcher,  but also the best option when refusing plastic bowls produced with chemical softeners that can cause cancer! Thanks to natures ingenuity, the bowl gets better with age, becoming water and dirt resistant with use due to the special mango resin coating applied to the bowl during production. If you’re interested visit their website to get to know Swiss Advance better, and you’ll see for yourself that they are a company in harmony with everything ZeroWaste Switzerland stands for.