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Veledes (logo)

VELEDES – Association for independent food retailers

Supports the small-scale food retailer

VELEDES, the Swiss Association of Food Retailers, is committed to all independent food retailers, such as Volg, Spar, Denner satellites, Treffpunkt, Pam, CC customers, private retailers and petrol station shops.

VELEDES acts neutrally, safeguards the interests of retailers in the media, business and politics, is competent in front-related advice, places great emphasis on apprentice training and ensures a future-oriented range of further training opportunities. Through the magazine “Der Lebensmittelprofi/Pro de l’alimentaire”, which is published 5 times a year, and the weekly newsletter, VELEDES regularly informs retailers about current events in the food and beverage industry.

VELEDES actively contributes to the development of responsible production and consumption and organises conferences in the organic sector.