Eco-tsapi®, the smart alternative to food packaging film

The Eco-Tsapi® is both an innovative product and a start-up company with a very significant name, if we speak the Gruyerian dialect. The “Eco-hat” is the new generation of food wrapping material, a manufactured product, respectful of people’s health and the environment, as it is self-adhesive and reusable. It also faithfully completes it’s purpose : It preserves food. It was Shirley Berrios, a “mompreneur” on her free time,  who embarked on the adventure of introducing a product, already well-known across the Atlantic, wich is an alternative to cellophane and aluminum. With this began a very Swiss made success story.

Since the summer of 2017, Swiss people have a new word in their vocabulary and a new reflex : the eco-tsapi®. It’s a natural, self-adhesive food film that sticks to bowls and food by the warmth of your hands. As traditional aluminum and cellophane whose misdeeds are more and more exposed by the media, the alternative is acclaimed ! Entrepreneur Shirley Berrios was directly inspired by the bee wraps, already popular in the United States and in Canada to create her own version from Bulle.

Home-made & handmade

The eco-tsapi® is home-made. Entirely hand-sewn by the owner, its material is an organic cotton fabric soaked in a coating made from Swiss beewax and organic virgin jojoba oil. Beewax is compatible with being in contact with food and the cotton comes from certified organic farming (GOTS -Global Organic Textile Standard). An ideal combination to satisfy the organic, local and ecological aficionados. It is also a healthy combination for a daily accessory that sticks to our food. All you need to do is to heat the fabric with your hands to make it stick. Then wash it with a mild dishwashing soap without alcohol.

Others & zero-waste

Convinced and convincing, the “mompreneure” first aims for the general public. The eco-tsapi® comes in a package made of recyclable cardboard and wood cellulose. 100% compatible with the philosophy of the concept ! When the hat tires out, in about 5 to 11 months, you can wax it a second time by yourself. Otherwise, it will gladly officiate as a firelighter or will end up in the compost bin as long as you cut into it slices. Zero-waste enthusiasts can get it “naked” in dedicated stores

Chic & safe

The eco-tsapi® is not only smart, it’s also chic. It varies forms. The round ones have a diameter of 26, 33 or 38 centimeters and the square ones have edges that are either 20, 30 or 35 centimeters. As for colors, the yellows, blues and greens are landscapes opposed to the traditionally composed pale monochromes. Finally, eco-tsapi® is also safe. Before commercializing her reusable packaging, Shirley had it tested and validated by an accredited Swiss laboratory.

There are many reasons to adopt this ecological film and many of you already have already taken a step towards it!