EREP – Engineering and consulting in waste management and waste recovery

EREP is a consultancy and engineering office specialising in waste management, renewable energy and the environment.

Since the company was founded in 1980, EREP has acquired specific expertise in the application of methanisation, a process used to convert organic waste (agricultural, industrial or urban) into biogas.

Biogas is a versatile, renewable gas composed mainly of methane. Instead of being released into the atmosphere, it can be converted into electricity and heat or after purification, injected into the natural gas grid or used for mobility (see

Its expertise is recognised by SuisseEnergie, since for many years EREP has been providing promotion, consulting and training in the field of biomass energy recovery for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Currently these activities are carried out by the Biomasse Suisse Association, whom EREP represents in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Mandates carried out by EREP include, for example:

  • Waste studies: inventories of deposits in a given territory, characterization campaigns, advice on waste collection
  • State of the art: inventory of technologies, assistance in the choice of processes, sales potential for products (compost, digestate)
  • Studies for biogas plants: technical and economic feasibility, assistance for implementation and operation (including administrative procedures)
  • Studies of energy potential or market studies in these fields
  • Environmental studies: Carbon Footprints®, environmental impact studies, environmental monitoring
  • Safety and fire protection concepts

References are listed on the website:

The customers are mainly:

  • Public authorities
  • Companies in the energy or waste treatment sector
  • Farmers

EREP became a member of ZeroWaste Switzerland mainly to support waste prevention initiatives. The impulse to join the association was given by an employee who has adopted a “zero waste” lifestyle.

The office has always been attentive to environmental issues and waste sorting is ingrained in the daily habits. EREP tries to reduce waste on a daily basis and advises companies and communities in this regard.

However, EREP does not consider itself to be a perfectly zero waste office. Particularly in terms of paper and electricity consumption (purchases 100% renewable and of Swiss origin), where there is still room for improvement.