Mazot de Vex – A wide range of liqueurs and brandies produced by a craft distillery

Mazot de Vex is a craft distillery based in Vex, Valais.

Mazot de Vex’s two distillers produce a wide range of liqueurs and brandies, all exclusively made from fruits, most of which are grown in their own orchard. The products are sold through the company’s online shop as well as at various markets in French-speaking Switzerland.

To encourage a Zero Waste approach and avoid any waste, all liqueurs are presented in bottles with a tap, as well as in small 1dl, 2dl, 3.5dl or 5dl bottles on a deposit-refund scheme. Customers can choose the quantity they want to buy and fill their bottle, which will then be recovered and reused.

Very respectful of the environment, the two craftsmen also promote Zero Waste in their daily lives, by making their own laundry and household products, limiting their hygiene products to soap and avoiding toilet paper, as well as buying as few clothes as possible and ensuring that they are recycled.