Bea Nature – Organic Natural Cosmetics

The family business Bea Nature Naturkosmetik is a manufacture for natural cosmetics based in Oberwil, in the Canton of Basel-Land, which produces 100% by hand with organic natural raw materials. The ingredients used by Bea Nature are among the best in nature: aloe vera, shea butter and mango butter, essential oils such as prickly pear oil and argan oil, vegetable squalanes and vitamins.

In search of these raw materials, they travelled around Mother Earth, and made many steps. They have experienced situations that have sometimes been funny, sometimes sad, but mostly fantastic. Discovered places that couldn’t be more magical. They have got to know cultures and people for whom nature and organic food are nothing more than a matter of course.

The encounters were and are a complete success. They proudly found the raw materials from the best organic, natural quality. But they not only took these raw materials from the companies, farmers and beekeepers they got to know with them, but also trust and friendship.

As the skin is highly sensitive, Bea Nature consistently insists on 100% flawless, skin-friendly and low-irritant ingredients. The handmade products are also suitable for very sensitive skin or irritated skin areas. All creams comply with organic standards and lack any synthetic components, preservatives or additives.

Bea Nature uses a beautiful and well thought-out solution for the containers. The cream jar is made of recyclable glass and the lid is made of bamboo. Bamboo grows enormously fast – up to one meter per day, and is sustainable: it is hardly necessary to use pesticides, fertilizers or artificial irrigation methods.

Furthermore, the cream jars had to look simply fantastic because they are distributed without packaging. To avoid waste, none of Bea Nature‘s products are packed in a folding box.


In addition to the online shop, Bea Nature also offers workshops. The day course teaches you the raw materials and how to create your own natural cosmetics skin care from home.