Boutique Tresor Premium Second Hand

THE address for high quality, unusual, individual, sporty, elegant women’s and men’s fashion, shoes and accessories.

Wrong purchase? No longer fits? Price tag still on, but never been worn? Worn a few times and in pristine condition, but no longer suits? No more space in your wardrobe? No problem!

In Boutique Tresor, Monique Leber-Petitmermet has the perfect place for premium, second hand wearables and where customers can perhaps find exactly the item they’ve been looking for. The sale of ladies’ and men’s clothing, accessories and shoes is based on commission.

Opening times, guidelines for item acceptance, commission terms as well as information about events and updates from the current collection can be found at

The philosophy of Monique and her boutique Tresor:

«Style has little to do with money, and more to do with awareness, humanity, and the will to make decisions in life. Style is the art of living.» Jeroen van Rooijen.

Develop your individual style that accentuates your personality! At Tresor boutique you’ll find high-quality, carefully selected, second hand dresses, shoes and accessories for men and women at reasonable prices.

Boutique Tresor Premium Second Hand
on the mainstation square in Hasle bei Burgdorf
Kalchofenstrasse 6, 3415 Hasle b.B.
Telephone +41 79 671 45 44
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