CrossFit975 – For sport, eco-responsibly

CrossFit is an individual sport, but also a community sport. Mutual help and respect for others are the keywords!

Based in Cressier in the canton of Neuchâtel, CrossFit975 is a box that not only welcomes its members every day in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere, but also protects the environment. In 2018, Marie Vogt – owner of the box – and Laureline Meylan – a member and then a student in natural resource management – set up a Sustainable Development Concept. The aim was to reduce waste and raise awareness among box members of the environment on a daily basis, but also as part of events organised at home and abroad.

«Since waste sorting had already been undertaken through the installation of compost and sorting bins accessible to members (PET, aluminium, paper, cardboard, glass), it was normal to set new eco-responsible objectives.» says Marie. Stainless steel straws have replaced plastic straws for drinks consumed on site and PET containers for drinks to take away are taxed to encourage members to take their own shakers.

In order to prevent the purchase of single-use cutlery, cups and plates when organizing events in or outside the box, they called on the CrossFit975 community to replace them with metal cutlery, glasses and washable plates, thus giving a second life to their unused dishes.

In addition to its internal commitments, CrossFit975 has become a collective member of the ZeroWaste Switzerland association to affirm its support for the eco responsible approach and encourage other institutions to take an interest.

The Beach&Barbells, a crossfit competition organised partly by members of the box, has been registered on the website, supported by Suisse Energie and Swiss Olympic. It has an EVENTProfile that can be consulted by everyone, allowing organizers to set up «a clean event, for the love of nature and society», to evaluate its current commitment and thus, to improve this event to make it more sustainable from year to year.

«We hope that this approach will inspire others… Be part of the change!» concludes Laureline.

Each new action undertaken is shared on social networks, so don’t hesitate to follow them closely!