Studio engelregenbogen – healing textile craft

The studio engelregenbogen evokes linen bags from “woven moonlight” which are simply beautiful & sustainable in many ways:


  • Less plastic while shopping & storage
  • Durable, compostable natural product (all sewing threads & labels are made of cotton)
  • Processing of existing, antique material into useful articles of daily use
  • Appreciation of masterfully manual work from the past
  • Securing one’s livelihood & valuing today’s women
  • Cooperation with sheltered workshops
  • Local production preserves our earth & its resources
  • Patricia Müller – – turns even the smallest scraps into beautiful hand-made paper.
  • Joy with each use of the beautiful piece
  • Each bag is a unique specimen, is sewn with cotton band & loop for hanging up & produced in different sizes. Special designs possible on request.

Ever since, linen – formerly also called “woven moonlight” – has been known as a preserving, moisture-balancing material that is very well suited for storage.It is not very susceptible to dirt & bacteria, bactericidal by nature, almost antistatic & dirt repellent.

  • Linen absorbs up to 35 % humidity, quickly exchanges it with the ambient air and thus ensures a balanced microclimate.
  • Bread stays fresh longer in bags made of heavy linen & does not become rubbery like in a bread box.
  • Potatoes, apples & other relatively shock-resistant vegetables & fruits, in small quantities.
  • Can be easily transported & stored
  • Salad & leafy vegetables remain fresh in a moist linen bag in a cool place, even in the refrigerator.
  • Dried fruits & vegetables as well as dried herbs may be preserved in the linen bag throughout the year without any loss of quality or aroma.
  • Linen is grown moderately and requires much less water than cotton.
  • Above all, however, the material we process was produced 50-100 years ago & has an excellent quality that is hardly to be found today.
  • Sometimes the donors tell us who from their family cultivated and processed the flax at which location.
  • In the last three years more than 1200 bags have been produced by Lilli & sold & there are no gaps in the antique stock yet! So her antique linen bags will be available for a long time to come.

Open sewing room
Lilli Krakenberger has been at home in the textile world for over thirty-five years as a costume designer, wardrobe master and tailor. It is always a matter of great concern to her to use the resources of our earth with care and to value old and new craftsmanship.

Tailor-made accompaniment: Designing, developing cuts, cutting, sewing, trying on, felting, embroidery courses, production, styling consultation, costume & textile history.

In short: simply healing craftsmanship
Lilli passes on her broad knowledge & her experience in textile craft & textile culture history in the sky-blue sewing room & wherever there is a need, e.g. to interested groups & schools, also locally.

Self-empowerment is in the foreground:
You pick up exactly the know-how you need to sew, have sewn or mend & freshen up your favourite clothes yourself. She is also happy to provide background information on the cultural history of clothing. A small collection of about 300 books is also available.

I wish you a lot of joy with “woven moonlight” & your long-lasting favourite clothes

Lilli Krakenberger


Opening hours & dates by arrangement, online shop:

Studio engelregenbogen
Blumenweg 4
8636 Wald
+41 79 785 35 74