Anna Heller from – is the specialist for a natural and sustainable lifestyle for (expectant) parents.

Anna accompanies families from the positive pregnancy test through to holistic birth preparation courses. Her ZeroWasteBaby workshops however enjoy special popularity!


More and more parents are sensitive to the need for sustainability because a single child needs around 5,000 disposable diapers in the first two years. This leaves over a ton of rubbish for each newborn child and a lot of unnecessary chemicals in the environment. To find out more about the alternatives to disposable diapers, families travel from far and wide to attend Annas workshops, held mostly in the Zurich area.

The concept: In addition to their shop with ZeroWaste products for the whole family, a cloth diaper has been developed which consists only of natural materials and is lovingly made 100% in Switzerland. Under the brand, “Kuikilana” cloth diapers can be created in the customer’s desired design. Custom designs need about 3 weeks production lead-time.

In addition, Anna offers workshops, training and lectures for professionals such as midwives and educators. She is engaged with various ZeroWaste stores and offers personal advice and cloth diaper rental packages for families.

Cloth diapers and diaper-free are more than just a trend. Both topics protect the environment and your wallet. A particularly important point here is that the baby is supported in its development, just by the natural “wetness feeling” thanks to cloth diapers.

So families do not have to travel so far from Bern, Grisons, etc., Anna and two other colleagues founded the in 2019. The first training course was sold out within a short time, and they look forward to more trained cloth diaper consultants joining their team, maybe even in a region near you!