Savonnerie NEPTUNE – for personal and home care

Made using the cold saponification method, Neptune Soap Works offers a range of artisanal organic soaps for body, hand, hair and beard care, as well as soap flakes for cleaning and laundry. To complete the range, they also offer an oat and calendula bath soak and various accessories.

How cold saponification works

The cold saponification process mixes oils and fats into an alkaline solution, causing a reaction that results in soap and glycerine being produced. Essential oils or other additives are then incorporated: clay, flowers, grains, coffee grounds, etc. The soaps are made in small batches and then hand cut or shaped using moulds.  They are then left to dry for 4 to 6 weeks, or longer, before being ready for use.

Overgreasing is the excess oil that does not saponify, which helps nourish the skin. A cleaning or laundry soap has 0-4% excess oil, for soaps intended for body or hair, 5-8%, and 9% or more for a much softer soap.

Soaps made using the cold saponification method are soft and oily to the touch. Used daily, the soap may get softer faster than an industrially produced soap. To stop this from happening, it is recommended to make sure it dries completely and to remove any excess water from the soap dish. As long as it is kept in a dry place away from direct light, it will last a long time.

The unique qualities of Neptune Soap Works soaps

Neptune Soap Works organic soaps can be used to wash your face, hands, body, hair and for shaving, as well as for cleaning and doing the laundry. The vegetable oils and various natural additives in each recipe have been specially formulated for their intended use, therefore this soap is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. As always, avoid contact with eyes. The soaps that contain essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, babies and young children.

When the soap becomes too small to be used, keep it! Place all the leftover bits of soap in an organic cotton bag so that you can use them up completely!

… and as for the bath soak…

The oat and calendula organic bath soak can be infused in bath water using a reusable cotton bag. The water will become milky and your skin will feel soft. The bath soak is suitable for babies and children, and helps relieve itchiness. The oats and marigolds are from Swiss organic agriculture.

Soap Works ethics

All the ingredients used are sourced from organic farming, and where possible from Switzerland. A bio.inspecta certificate was issued for Neptune Soap Works in April 2019.

A charter has been established based on principles such as, for example, that the products must be handmade in Switzerland, only scented with essential oils, not contain palm oil or ingredients made from petrochemicals, minimal waste during production and minimal packaging, etc.

The raw materials are carefully selected in order to comply with this charter. All the oil mixtures are prepared onsite. The equipment and tools used by Neptune are as environmentally friendly as possible and are reusable, where possible. The moulds for shaping the bars of soap are made to measure out of Swiss wood and lined with FSC-certified paper. Neptune Soap Works is moving away from using silicone and plastic and is building on approaches such as slow cosmetics, zero waste, do-it-yourself, etc.

Where can you buy Neptune Soap Works products?

These products are sold via companies with the same values.

Neptune Soap Works products are available in various locations around Switzerland and can be ordered for delivery throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein via the website