Là-Haut cosm’éthiques are cosmetics for your own well-being but also the planet one’s !

Amandine is passionate about nature, animals and beauty that surrounds us. Preservation of our environment and wildlife mean a lot for her.

She finds the plants, vegetable oils and natural products world fascinating for a few years now and that is why she created Là-Haut cosm’éthiques after having trained professionally in the world of natural cosmetics and cold-processed soap

Amandine is committed to sharing and letting you discover her products to take care of yourself while respecting nature. Her products are simple, natural and created with love.

As a matter of fact, you can very well see it in her quality charter:

100% made in Switzerland by Amandine, in the heart of the Valaisan Alps in Saxon, with respect for environment and wildlife which are the FUNDAMENTAL values of Là-Haut cosm’éthique.

Là-Haut cosm’éthiques is certified in natural cosmetics and soap and offers you artisanal and Swiss products while being of professional quality. Formulas have been validated by a chemist and face creams have been tested under dermatological controls and are therefore already in compliance with the new law that will come into force in April 2021.

Giving priority to local and proximity areas Amandine makes all purchases in Switzerland. Raw materials supplier is a Swiss family company. She also works with local craftsmen for certain soap-making materials as bags or any other needs.

Neither finished or in-progress products nor raw materials are tested on animals. Là-Haut cosm’éthique makes it a point of honour.

Products are biodegradable without any toxic materials for environment, wildlife and our skin.

Containers are recyclable. For online orders cardboard and recycled paper are used.

It is together and hand in hand that we will go further.

Website: www.lahautcosmethiquesnaturels.com