Ecoloo: Destination ZERO waste

Shop for cosmetics and cleaning products in bulk and/or without packaging

Ecoloo is a new ZERO WASTE store that officially opens its doors in November 2019 in Rolle (Route de la Vallée 9). This new boutique offers consumers many ZERO waste alternatives to dai-ly cosmetics and cleaning products. Whether for new ZERO WASTE fans, for the curious or for the initiated.

In addition to the ZERO waste objective, the owner, Chantal Boutin, has set herself the goal of highlighting local purchases by collaborating with many local artisans. The proximity market is an essential response to the limitation of waste and pollution!

She has been able to promote a wide variety of quality, ethical and non-packaged products. You will discover innovative cleaning products in bulk, numerous raw materials to make your own products, high quality cosmetics, as well as several alternatives for single-use packaging.

The Ecoloo store also hosts the Bebiboo brand.  Made by the owner, it is a Swiss artisanal brand to meet the daily needs of toddlers.  Accessories for babies that will grow with your children, with the aim of sustainability.

About Ecoloo:

The owner, Chantal Boutin, is originally from Canada and has been living in Switzerland for more than 10 years. Trained as an accountant, she launched the Bebiboo brand in 2005, which specializes in bibs and other accessories for babies. Chantal wants to reduce her ecological impact and identifies the urgency of offering consumers ZERO waste options without compromise.


Chantal Boutin
Route de la Vallée 9, 1180 Rolle