The corona virus has changed the organization of the entire society. Times are difficult for small retailers, local craftsmen and regional producers, who are deprived of access to the weekly market. Yet they are the very essence of the local economy and are an important part of the economy.

The Swiss Confederation has announced all sorts of measures to support the economy, but everyone can show solidarity with the local economy to ensure that it survives this period. There are plenty of options for action, such as :

A) By going to the local producers, from the farmers’ market: do they offer a weekly vegetable basket, is it possible to order online? Do they have a partnership with a local store that is still open?

B) By buying directly from the farm when possible

C) By wondering if there is a local solution to a product you usually buy in a supermarket or a mall. For flowers, local florists can probably deliver to you

D) By buying online from the stores that offer it: regional soap factory, neighborhood bookshops and so on

E) By buying from small structures, such as local grocery stores, bakeries, independents, etc.

F) By ordering take-out from your local restaurant if it remains open

G) By purchasing certain services in advance from the hairdresser, the theatre, the local massage centre, etc.

H) Using one of the applications developed (sometimes in the last few weeks!) to find local producers and retailers

Here are some applications to help you:

I) Talking about all these initiatives around you: spread the word !