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DIY for Washing Powder

Making your own laundry has many advantages: it’s very easy, economical, and ecological! Whether you are a beginner or a Zero Waste expert, doing your own laundry is useful and accessible to everyone!

What you need

  • Kitchen scale
  • Container with lid


  • 200 g of grated of flaked soap
  • 200 g of baking soda
  • 200 g of salt

Cautionary note

Please read this information carefully !


  • Mix the finely grated soap or soap flakes with the baking soda and salt.


Sodium carbonate can also be used here as an alternative to baking soda. However, it must be closed tightly, as it reacts with moisture in the air and tends to agglomerate. Laundry sodium carbonate is also much stronger and is therefore more suitable for heavily soiled clothes.

For whiter clothes: add 200g of sodium percarbonate.
To remove odours (tobacco, perspiration): add a small glass of baking soda directly into the drum.
For softer laundry: add 1 glass of vinegar in the softening compartment of the machine. Add lavender essential oil if you want the laundry to smell good (more effective than in laundry).