DIY: how to make candles with leftover wax

Zero Waste Utility

Candles tend not to burn all the way to the end and often end up with wax residue at the bottom of the jar. Rather than throwing away these leftovers, we suggest that you collect these wax bases from several candles to make candles again, by upcycling. Less rubbish, less waste !


> Wax residues

> A glass or metal container (e.g. old glass jars, cleaned cans, whatever you find)

> A wick OR

> Make your own wick with a small wooden stick

How to

1. Prepare the wick: soak a small wooden stick in olive oil for 1 hour or use an already prepared wick.

2. Shred any remaining wax to make mini shavings. The colour doesn’t matter, unless you want to have a single-coloured candle.

3. Heat water for use as a water bath

4. Fill the container of your choice with the wax shavings to the brim and place it in the water bath. Slowly add a little wax, as it loses volume as it melts.

5. Remove the container from the water bath once everything has melted and place the wick, wait for it to stop moving.

Your candle is ready ! The first time you light it, it may take a few seconds.