Unverpackt Birseck – The shop without packaging in Arlesheim (BL)

Since February 2020 you can find food, cosmetics, and cleaning products without packaging in the package free Birseck.

Behind the package free Birseck, there are four young women who wanted to do something together against the mountains of waste and plastic pollution.

The team also includes two men who support them in the background. The initiator, Lea Borrero, had been carrying the idea of the package free Birseck for two years and had done a lot of research. When she met the like-minded Catalan Vido, Andrea Warren and Rebekka Lehmann in autumn 2019, the idea became concrete. With a crowdfunding, the four of them collected money to open a shop in Arlesheim. The campaign was a complete success, even twice as much was collected as planned.

In the shop, the food is available in plastic-free glass columns (glass bins), jars, cardboard bins, or stainless-steel containers. One fills and scoops from them into one’s own, brought along containers and thus avoids many individual one-way packages. You can also buy exactly the amount of food you need. This prevents food waste and is also easy on the wallet.

The open assortment includes many dried goods, flour, dried fruits and nuts, coffee, tea, spices, and sweets. Also available is fresh produce such as vegetables, bread, dairy products, plant drinks and tofu. Almost all food is organically grown and most of it is certified organic bud or Demeter. The products come from the region and Switzerland, wherever possible.

Among the cosmetics you will find various soaps, shower gel, solid shampoo, dental care and hygiene products, deodorants, toilet paper and handkerchiefs. Cleaning products round off the selection.

An overview of the current sortiment as well as more information can be found on the homepage www.unverpackt-birseck.ch.