Coronavirus Crisis: Support us now with a donation!

ZeroWaste Switzerland has been heavily affected financially by the federal preventive measures due to the coronavirus. With the ban on events, our main source of income was lost!

Our association was founded in 2015. Our goal: to raise awareness and motivate Swiss residents towards waste-free consumer living and the resource-friendly use of our nature. The association is now supported by over 1,000 members.

Due to federal regulations, we were no longer able to host events such as lectures and workshops, which resulted in the loss our primary source of income over several months. Most of our events take place in spring. We have now missed the main season! It is not possible to catch up and we are reaching our financial limits to advance our zero waste projects and to manage and maintain the administrative activities.

We therefore urgently ask you for financial support so that ZeroWaste Switzerland can continue to work for a waste-free Switzerland.

We thank you wholeheartedly for supporting our mission and for your generosity  during this crisis.

Every donation counts!

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