Not At All – Practical articles 100% plastic free

Not At All™ is the Swiss brand entirely dedicated to waste-free, 100% plastic-free products. At Not At All™ zero plastic really means zero plastic!

From the very beginning, the philosophy of the company was to abstain from conventional plastics altogether. This message is anchored in the basic principles of the brand: the logo!

With this message, Not At All emphasizes that it does not use plastic in any of its products: this cheap, non-biodegradable and sparsely recyclable material, which pollutes the environment and can have harmful effects on health.

In the e-shop you will find a unique selection of ecologically responsible and waste-free alternatives such as:

  • Original stainless-steel thermos flasks
  • Lunch boxes completely without plastic
  • Biodegradable and compostable dental floss in refillable glass vial
  • and much more…

Not At All is attentive to the world around it and has come to the following conclusion: if access to and purchase of environmentally friendly products is made easier, this will inevitably accelerate the transition to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

“When it’s practical, the choice becomes obvious”.

Their task is therefore to develop innovations and create completely plastic-free alternatives to everyday products, to bring these alternatives together in one place and make them available to people with high standards.

Furthermore, Not At All believes that there is no reason to give up joy by living an environmentally conscious lifestyle. In fact, she defines the design of her products to offer you the best functionality in a modern and simple style.

So that you can show your commitment with pride!

Replacing plastics in everyday life with practicable alternatives and finding solutions to stop the associated environmental pollution – it is possible! It has already become reality.

Join the adventure with Not At All now!


Not At All

289 Route d’Hermance
1247 Anières