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Clarity – Freeing ourselves from what clutters up our place

Clarity is a de-cluttering consulting firm founded in 2016 by Eliette and Marieke Staub. Initiators of clarity, they accompany women and men in their project of de-cluttering, sorting and transforming their interior. 

Clarity’s approach is holistic. It merges the principles of the Marie Kondo method (with whom they have been trained and have collaborated), of a certain “essentiality”, of well-being with life coaching, of organization and of interior design. 

For your interiors, literally and figuratively, Clarity helps you in: 

  • the awakening to de-cluttering  
  • the implementation of a sorting action plan 
  • the affirmation of your decision making  
  • the application of habit changes 
  • the awakening to conscious consumption 
  • the transformation of your spaces  
  • the revelation of the true potential of your interiors 
  • the simplification of your daily life 

Clarity’s services include private sessions, online consultations, private and corporate workshops, and conferences. Clarity has spent more than 3000 hours in bazaar drawers, basements and wardrobes in the French-speaking Switzerland and beyond. 

Clarity’s approach is gentle, respectful and empathetic. The consultants are non-judgmental and take into consideration your personal stories and attachments to your objects and accompany you through all the possible and unique transitions in your life. 

They are also experienced speakers both in front of large audiences (1’500+) and in smaller focus groups. Their clients include entities such as WWF, IKEA, Novartis, CSS Assurance, Oracle and Adobe, among others. 

“Declutter. Materially, of course. And psychically. Assess our possessions, but also our tastes, in order to better get rid of the former, while sublimating the latter” – excerpt from a article devoted to Clarity in La Liberté. 

Find out more about Eliette & Marieke Staub, consultants in de-cluttering and material lightening, initiators of clarity: