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Locircus – A platform to share objects

At a time when the preservation of resources is of increasing concern, the reuse and sharing of objects seems like a perfect alternative. We could summarize it by “mutualization”. In any case, this is the bet that Laure Eskenazi, the founder, passionate about sustainable development, made when she imagined and launched Locircus in the summer of 2020. This thirty-year-old woman from Lausanne wanted to make this sharing site dedicated to objects available to limit consumption on a larger scale.

« What is needed already exists close to home, or even in multiple copies. Locircus simply creates the link between people who can help each other. »

Valorize the existing rather than buying new, it is indeed the credo of this platform. The way is friendly and win-win because it is about renting on a short term its own objects to others. It can be tools, kitchen equipment or even board games; these same objects that often sleep at the bottom of a closet … It is even possible to share surfaces for a few hours as for example music studios, empty offices or even workshops. The only limit in fact is what we are willing to rent.

 « Everyone can do something and take advantage of their resources in their neighbourhood or region. »

Finally, with Locircus the message is that everyone, wherever he/she is, can be an actor of a local circular economy, at the price of a small change of habits.

Be aware that Locircus also distills its good tips and green advice on social networks. So connect to their Instagram page @locircus, Facebook Locircus, and go share your objects on