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Quadia – impact investing and regenerative economy

Quadia is above all the vision of ethical, sustainable and honest finance. Finance that promotes the ecological transition by supporting innovative companies and organizations that, just like Zero Waste, are the foundations of a regenerative economy.

Pioneers of impact investing (2010, Geneva), they invest in three areas that transform the way we produce and consume: renewable energy, sustainable food, and circular production and consumption models.

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Mission, values and impact investing

Their mission is to prove that companies can have both values and positive social and environmental impacts, while being viable and profitable. Why? Because the needs to finance the ecological transition are such that we need private savings, as well as public investments, to deploy them. Impact Investing is therefore a solution to reconcile our short-term needs with the need to preserve the planet.

Fairphone, an example of circular economy, is one of the companies Quadia has invested in

Transform its own impacts

They also contribute first, by investing in the growth of companies that offer products and services with positive impacts, then by implementing, in these companies, a roadmap for a more Regenerative Economy, i.e. favoring the Local, the Circular, the Collaborative, and the Functional.

The Coteaux nantais, in which Qudia has also invested, is a symbol of regenerative agriculture


They share their experience of impact investing with their network in order to continue developing impact funds and direct investments for their partners. For Investments that matter.

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