Zero Waste in Geneva

Welcome to our fast growing Zero Waste Community here in Geneva, where thousands of you are looking to reduce waste, preserve natural resources and create a more sustainable future!

There are lots of great activities happening in the region and we would be delighted to see you at one of them soon! And if you want to volunteer and help us out – see all the options below.

 Credit: Nicolas Dupraz

Credit: Nicolas Dupraz

Upcoming events

Important information:

All Zero Waste events in Geneva until end March are either postponed or cancelled. We will look into virtual solutions for events in April and let you know. We wish you all the best in these difficult times and hope to see you again soon!

What we offer in Geneva


Fun and interactive workshops that show you how you can significantly reduce your household waste, improve your health and save money. We have 3 Workshops in the areas of Food and Drink, Beauty/Cleaning/Clothes and Work/Energy/Holidays/Gifts. We also offer Workshops for companies.


An informal apéro for people who are interested in the Zero Waste lifestyle to share practical tips and meet like minded people. Each Café-Démo has a theme with a 30 minute product demonstration to show you how easy it is to make some of your own products.


A 60-75 min conference for communes, companies and organisations that gives an introduction to Zero Waste, share simple tips on how to do it and gives examples of others who have done it.

Other interventions

We also offer Family Coaching Programs, Consulting and other tailored interventions.

Our local ambassadors



Ambassador - Geneva
As a specialist in training and behavior change Dorinda worked 20 years for a large multinational before leaving to dedicate more time to the large environmental challenges the world is facing. After reducing her own household waste by over 90% she became an Ambassador for Zero Waste Switzerland and created a series of 3 Zero...


Ambassador - Geneva
Having worked in the humanitarian sector for a decade, Hilde gained knowledge on the complexities of geopolitics and conflict issues over global natural resources. This experience has only augmented awareness of our consumerist behaviours in our own local and daily habitats. Having become a mother increased the desire to be more vigilant in terms of...


Aware from a young age that waste should be avoided and things should be given a second life, Karin began in 2016 to look into ways to reduce her exposure to chemicals and artificial products by gradually making her own cosmetics and cleaning products. The birth of her child pushed her to participate in the...

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Get involved

Volunteer in Geneva

We’re always looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help in any way, send us an email at

Become a member

Become a member of Zero Waste Switzerland to support our work in Geneva and elsewhere in Switzerland and benefit from a number of advantages.

We are hiring

The Carouge Zéro Déchet project currently has two vacancies:

Our Volunteer Teams

Communication team

A group of writers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers and social media experts to help write articles, create fliers and posters, produce videos and manage social media pages. If you love communication and want to help us spread the word, we’d love to have you join us!

Practical Tips team

A group of people who love to research and write about practical tips for a Zero Waste Lifestyle including Zero Waste Recipes, Local sustainable suppliers, Zero Waste Occasions and many more. If you like sharing your practical Zero Waste knowledge with others this is the team for you!

Administration team

A pool of people who love to organise events, structure information and put clear processes in place. If you like administrative work and have a few hours a week to spare we would be delighted to see how you could help us out.

IT team

A pool of people who help us manage the regional page on the Zero Waste Switzerland and Carouge Zéro Déchet website

Fundraising team

A group of people who help us come up with ideas to raise money to broaden the impact of Zero Waste activities in Geneva

Stands/Events team

A large group of volunteers who love to inspire others and help out at our stands and events from time to time.

Interested in joining one of our teams?

Our partners

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