Nord Vaudois / Gros-de-Vaud

Zero Waste Nord Vaudois / Gros-de-Vaud

Zero Waste Nord Vaudois / Gros-de-Vaud

Welcome to our fast growing Zero Waste Community here in Yverdon, where thousands of you are looking to reduce waste, preserve natural resources and create a more sustainable future!

There are lots of great activities happening in the region and we would be delighted to see you at one of them soon! And if you want to volunteer and help us out – see all the options below.

Find here the FAQ on the Zero Waste or on the association ZeroWaste Switzerland.

Who are we ?

Our local ambassadors :



Ambassador – North Vaud
Marylène is an honorary Yverdonian who discovered Zero Waste in 2015 thanks to Bea Johnson. She found the idea incredible but super complicated…until the day she heard of ZeroWaste Switzerland and discovered that she had everything she needed around her to push forward on this goal! Alongside her husband, she is learning to question her...
Jessica Héritier

Jessica Héritier

Animatrice - Morges / Yverdon / Nyon
Mother to two daughters, Jessica couldn’t imagine participating in the destruction of the planet in which they are meant to live and grow. That’s why Bea Johnson’s book took its place on her bedside table and their new lifestyle began… Working in the field of positive education, respecting others and the surroundings is a fundamental...


All our events taking place in Yverdon and its area are listed in the agenda.

Follow the Facebook page Zero Waste Yverdon to get to know all our future events.

Here is a short glimpse of what we offer in Yveerdon:

Zero Waste Workshops

Fun and interactive workshops that show you how you can significantly reduce your household waste by adopting Zero Waste habits in your daily life.

Zero Waste Coffe-demo

An informal aperitif for anyone interested in the Zero Waste lifestyle where people can exchange practical tips and meet people who share their ideas. Each Café has a theme with a 30-minute demonstration to show you how easy it is to make some of your own products and thus more easily avoid plastic packaging.

Zero Waste Conferences & other events

These events are published on the agenda and on our Facebook page, 1 to 2 months in advance.

Get involved


We’re always looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help in any way, send us an email at

Become a member

Become a member of Zero Waste Switzerland to support our work in Yverdon and elsewhere in Switzerland and benefit from a number of advantages.


You can also donate to Zero Waste Switzerland to support our work in Yverdon and elsewhere in Switzerland.




Follow the Facebook page Zero Waste Nord Vaudois / Gros-de-Vaud and join the local community.