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Zero Waste Educational Kit

Zero Waste Educational Kit

The Zero Waste Educational Kit for school children in Switzerland.

The kit is composed of different reference documents: discovery sheets on subjects linked to waste and resources management, creative workshops sheets linked to the subjects and recreational games to learn by doing. These documents are available in various versions corresponding to the different ages of the students in the compulsory cycle. These documents will be used as a support for teachers in order to make students aware of Zero Waste.

The objective of this kit is to respond to a growing demand from teachers and schools to address the issue of waste. By sensitizing children, they benefit from a concrete approach in order to act later on as responsible adults. The kit proposes to develop their knowledge, gives concrete solutions and suggests pedagogical games in order to initiate children and teenagers to the subject. In this approach, parents can also be reached.

Two kits are under development (the English version is expected to be available from mid-2021):

The first Kit is available free of charge on request, for all schools that wish to discover Zero Waste and pass on this information to their students in class.

Cycle 1

Discovery cards
and activities
for 4 to 8 years old :

Cycle 2

Discovery cards
and activities
for 8 to 12 years old :

Cycle 3

Discovery cards
and activities
for 12 to 15 years old :

A few examples of the themes of the sheets and activities in this kit: information about waste, Zero Waste, memory, videos, product manufacturing, recycling, games, etc.

The second kit is accessible to our partner schools, i.e. the schools in which we act through workshops, conferences and coaching.

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