Ambassador - Region Walensee, St.Gallen, Eastern Switzerland

Already since early on in her life Franziska enjoyed going shopping for her mum on her bike with her own backpack. As she grew and started travelling the world she was annoyed by the many plastic bags on her travels.

As an adult, she wanted to develop herself personally, professionally and creatively and to produce and sell a product that would not create any waste … she came upon the idea of “upcycling”, and later via her online research, she found the ZeroWaste Switzerland association and was immediately hooked! She devoured the book by Bea Johnson, and was inspired to change her home and habits immediately.

The Zero Waste lifestyle including regional shopping, avoiding plastic packaging and minimalist living, is parallel with her values. As a kindergarten teacher and ambassador of the Walensee region, St. Gallen and Eastern Switzerland, she wants to pass the Zero Waste lifestyle onto children in schools. “We reduce our biological footprint through being role models for children. The Zero Waste lifestyle is an exciting way to discover new things and get to know many exciting people.”