ZeroWaste friendly Shops

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Zero Waste Friendly Shops – Thanks to you packaging and waste is being reduced in the trade !

Through innovative actions Zero Waste Switzerland is encouraging change at a local retailer level

The “Zero Waste friendly Shop” campaign encourages the sale of products in bulk, the use of reusable packaging and the introduction of a refundable deposit system in local shops.

Benefits and ideas for retailers

  • Customer closeness – by being innovative you are offering your clients an alternative to excessive packaging: glass and material instead of plastic, for example, through fashionable, reusable material bags with your logo on them.
  • Customer loyalty – through the introduction of a refundable deposit system or by offering a rebate to customers who bring their own containers
  • Competitiveness – because of the trend towards buying in bulk  and the increasing desire to reduce packaging, you have a competitive advantage vs the big stores and chains
  • Time and money ! – less time handling products, decrease of costs for waste elimination and separation
  • Discounts from suppliers – through the use of reusable containers you can buy at lower purchasing prices from suppliers
  • Do something good and talk about it !  – you are informing people about the issues of excessive packaging, offering solutions and initiating discussions with your clients about the Zero Waste initiative

Motivated customers will talk and quickly spread positive word of mouth!

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As a member retailer you can help to reduce the numbers below and promote a Zero Waste consciousness !
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Good to know

The main function of packaging is to protect the product during transport and storage and to give the consumer detailed information about the product. However, with increasing focus on advertising and marketing, packaging has become more of a sales vehicle.

And this is the result

  • 2 million tons of household waste per year in Switzerland
  • 10 packages per swiss household per day thrown away
  • 339 kg per inhabitant per year are incinerated
  • Recycling rates for each material type : glass 96%, aluminium 92%, paper 91%, PET bottles 82% but only 11% of plastic waste