ZeroWaste Guide

Zero Waste is fun!

Guide for motivated, lazy or busy beginners who would like to easily reduce waste.

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Part 1:

What is “Zero Waste”?

Part 2:

Why reduce waste?

Part 3:

Easy beginnings

Part 4:

The 5 first steps

Part 5:

The next 5 steps

Part 6:

To go even further

Author: Valérie Borioli Sandoz for ZeroWaste Switzerland, August 2017
Translation: Carole Scheurer
Photography: Justine Chapalay
Sharing this guide is authorized. We kindly advise you to share the electronic version instead of printing copies. And please, quote the source.
Thank you to Aline, who’s blog has been an inspiration for this guide.
Thank you to Dorinda, who gave us the main ideas for this guide.
Thank you to the ambassadors and the comitee of ZeroWaste Switzerland who contributedto this guide by sharing their experience and their advice with us.