ZeroWaste Guide Part 1: Zero Waste, what is it?

Two meanings! Zero Waste means reducing the amount of waste we produce but it is also about not wasting resources in the first place.


The Zero Waste movement’s goal is to reduce waste globally. It especially aims to reduce everything that cannot be reused or recycled. It is all about learning to eat, drink, get dressed, play, clean or even work in a waste free way. The main goal is to avoid unneccessary packaging, that goes straight to the bin.

Becoming Zero Waste will enrich your life and give you more time to exprience new activities and a better quality of life. Learn all the good tips and tricks in this guide!

A global inspiration

Many people discovered the Zero Waste movement through Bea Johnson’s blog or her book “ZeroWaste Home”. After several years and a lot of research, Bea reduced the waste of her family in her Californian home to a jar a year!

No need to travel this far for an example though. Looking back a couple of years and we quickly realize that the amount of waste keeps growing and growing. For our (great) grandmothers, just after the second World War, the story was completely different. As resources as well as money were scarce, they were buying in bulk and reusing everything they could.

Ask them for a few tips and discover again easy things you can do to reduce material or food waste.

Go far with Zero Waste

You will quickly get hooked! Rethinking the way you consume can lead to reconsider your way of life. With new priorities in your life, your attention will switch from HAVING to BEING.