ZeroWaste Guide Part 2: Why reduce waste?

National pride? According to Eurostat, Switzerland is the second biggest waste producer with 730 kilos per person. We generate more waste per person than the USA or China! It’s expensive for us (taxes) and it is costly to the environment.

By lowering your waste, you will also…

  • have a better ecological footprint: You will not throw away plastic anymore which means less plastic will have to be incinerated.
  • improve the health of your family and your own: You will buy products in your own bags and containers. That way they will not be contaminated by plastics. No more chemicals in your home as you will prepare your cleaning products yourself.
  • save money: Without realizing it, you probably consume more than what you need. Go back to the basics and save money.
  • have more time and space: You will not have to spend your weekend sorting through all the trash. You will then have more time to do the activities you love. If you also try to reduce the amount of items you consume, you could also have less to recycle and more space in your kitchen.
  • have more fun: Looking for alternatives and exchanging recipes and ideas with other people is fun!
  • take back control: Defy marketing campaigns and take back control of what and how you buy.