ZeroWaste Guide Part 3: Easy beginnings

Fast and slow! Before you start your Zero Waste journey, think about the following 6 points. It will make things easier and motivate you.

To be aware? Go on a photo safari!

Camera in hand, hunt for all the items that are sold packaged. Note what the packaging is made of. Make an album of your “safari” in shops, at work or in the streets. If you feel courageous open your trash bag and analyze what is inside.

More motivation? Share with others!

Why do you want to adopt the Zero Waste lifestyle? Know your reasons and share them with your friends. It is more fun to challenge yourself when your friends do the same.

First steps? Baby steps, one thing at a time!

Select only ONE thing (food, item) each week as a start. Try to find out if you can buy it package free, if you can do it yourself or if you even really need it! You can also start with one room, for example your bathroom, and review all the items there one after the other.

More knowledge? Hunt for tips!

Look up good adresses for shopping tips. Contact the association’s ambassadors. Join a coffee event or Zero Waste workshop to exchange ideas.

How to last? Create your Zero Waste kit!

It is easier to avoid packaging if you always have a Zero Waste kit with you (cloth bags, washable boxes and bottles). Keep it in your hallway, on your bike or in your car.

Measure your progress? Write it down!

Writing things down can help you track your progress, for example count the number of trash bags you are using every month. If you pay by weight, you can ask your town for an account statement to follow your progress.