ZeroWaste Guide Part 4: The 5 first steps

Let’s get started! Fast or slow changer, here are 5 key steps that will help you to significantly reduce waste.

1. While grocery shopping, bring your own containers and do not use plastic bags

When you go grocery shopping, bring your own cloth bags. Refuse plastic bags. If you have forgotten your reusable bags, prefer a paper bag (like those for the mushrooms) to a plastic one.

Bring containers for all the “wet” food like meat, fish and cheese.

You can also bring your own bottles to buy drinks, oil, vinegar etc. You can also buy liquids in glass bottles if you reuse them afterwards.

2. Avoid PET bottles

Always have a reusable bottle (preferably in alu or inox) in your bag. In Switzerland, you can safely fill it up using tap or fountain water. If you are always on the go, bring your own bottle to your favourite take-away.

3. Go the your local market to buy fruits and vegetables

Local markets sell fruits and vegetables in bulk. They are usually local and fresh! Buying local is also a great way to support your region’s jobs and social life.

4. Look for small and local shops

To buy meat, fish, dairy or spicies, discover the small shops in your neighborhood or village. They usually sell better products than supermakets.

5. Be prepared

It is hard to be prepared for everything and it is nice to buy things spontaneously sometimes. For unexpected purchase, always have a reusable bag with you.