ZeroWaste Guide Part 6: The next 5 steps

Become a Zero Waste champion! You have mastered the 5 first steps and reduced waste significantly. We invite you to go furher. Who knows? Maybe you are going to become a Zero Waste champion with your 1 liter jar of trash a year.

Make your own cleaning products

Start with infusing vinegar with citruses. With only a few ingredients (vinegar, baking soda and soap) you can clean your whole house.

Use bars of soap

Bars of soap or shampoo last longer. For healthier alternatives, buy handmade organic soap bars.

Replace paper towels and tissues with cloth alternatives

A towel with a hole or an old sheet? That is perfect to replace paper towels and tissues. You can cut it the size you want, it is soft and it smells good.

Buy your clothes second hand

Find second hand shops or garage sales in your
area. You can also organize your own event to swap clothes.


Look for “Repair cafes” where professionals or amateurs help you to repair your device. Or bring your device to a specialized repair shop (e.g. La Bonne Combine in Lausanne).

The guide «The best Zero Waste recipes» will give you the best recipes to make your own cleaning and care products (coming up fall 2017)