ZeroWaste Guide Part 6: To go even further

Do you want more tips? It is such a fun game to rethink our way of consuming. Here are a couple more tips for you.

Install a compost in your garden or your neighborhood

With a compost, you can recycle vegetables and fruits waste which amounts to about one third of the content of trash bags. If you do not have a garden, you may have a small grass area behind your building. Together with your neighbors you can ask the owner for permission to install a common compost (e.g. Kompotoi).

Enjoy making things yourself

Yogurts, kefirs, jams, pickles, bread, cookies or granola for breakfast, the list goes on of things that we can easily make ourselves. Try it out and discover what you enjoy making. You can also make your own soap, laundry detergent or cosmetics.

Grow a garden, try permaculture

You only have flowers? Or just a balcony? You can start growing salads, radishes, tomatoes or herbs. You will see, it tastes so different!

Talk with local merchants.

Convince them to accept that clients bring their own containers. They will have to buy less containers and they will spare money! Propose that they become members of ZeroWaste Switzerland !

Become a ZeroWaste Switzerland member or volunteer  in a community grocery store (or both)!

By becoming a member of ZeroWaste Switzerland, you support concrete actions. Thanks to volunteers, bulk community grocery stores can offer items at a reasonable price.

Rethink your life

Rethinking your life is a journey. Bon voyage!